© CONSENCIA 2017 A small power solution. The Kraken V4 and a 3KW Ryobi genset. Get a Kraken gasifier with a duel fuel 3KW Ryobi genset, pre configured to work together. The Kraken V4 Package purchase The Kraken V4 Accessories.  Equipment that will work with the Kraken V4. Wood Gas   An alternate fuel source for running combustion engines. put it to use milling maize, pumping water, generating electricity, chunking up wood, shredding compost, the list is as long as the uses for a combustion engine. This is not new tech, it’s been around for a long time, It powered cars, buses and even tiger tanks in the second world war. For rural Africa this is a do-able way to get things done without reliance on fossil fuels, Make your own fuel as needed. this small - ish machine is aimed at tasks requiring the use of up to a 5hp motor. The fuel source is chopped up sticks and small branches, a guillotine or pruning shear will accomplish this task. the hopper, when full will give you about an hour of run time, it can be filled up on the go. We are an authorised Ryobi dealer, making it easier for you to find a power solution.   A small footprint, compact wood gasifier. Conveniently mounted on a trolley for easy moving. This gasifier can run a 2 - 5 kw generator or up to a 5hp motor. The Kraken v4